Words Without End

I treat writing as if it were my first 'language'-- there is something about writing that allows me to speak freely and fearlessly. Something about penning my thoughts makes them solidified and certain. Maybe someday I'll do something with writing, but for now, I'll keep a silly blog and pretend to save the world, one pen name at a time.

& people wonder why I would become J.K. Rowling in a heartbeat.


I’ve had a run in with serendipity— sweetly, might I add. Funny how, in the moment, you don’t seem to realize how fate sometimes works. It’s just then, in the moment, and you make decisions based on the impulse of the heart, faded logic of the mind and trust in a moral compass called your gut.

What I am learning, though, is that there are moments. Moments that you get to dissolve into the world around you, where no one asks you a question or bothers your thoughts. You go unmolested, perfectly monotonous in that moment.

So, here is my moment that I can reflect on my sweet date with serendipity. I have to tell you that it excites me as much as it frightens me. It seems like now I am watching every step I take just so I don’t fall out of the path, out of line so to speak. 

But that’s the thing about serendipity. Here I am, walking heel to toe in a perfectly straight line and I stumble. You can’t do this perfectly; we are human with imperfections, with curved feet that just don’t make a perfectly straight line.

It’s when I fall, you take my hand. We walk together. You whisper to me “hello, serendipity.” You say it sweetly, might I add.